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Stirrup Leathers

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For information only - purchasing may be done here.

Any model of our saddles may receive either 2"/5cm or 1"/2.5cm stirrup leathers.

Stirrup leathers are available in either standard or multi-purpose.

Standard stirrup leathers are identified by the end having holes to use with a removable tongue buckle or to double back onto themselves with a conway buckle. They come in one size that covers short to long and also extra long. 

Multi-purpose stirrup leathers are identified by the end having a buckle secured to the lower end. The buckle is meant to be attached to one of the billets provided with your saddle.  The sizes are medium, long and extra long. This style of stirrup leather is not recommended for riders under 5'6"

2"/5cm stirrup leathers typically have a unified stirrup base but are also available with a loop top (removable) to secure to a ring or e-bar stirrup base.

1" stirrup leathers typically come as a pair with a loop top to attach to any stirrup base, but may also be ordered as a unified base - meaning there is no hardware under the upper leg.

Please purchase these items separately HERE. All saddles sold come with stirrup leathers chosen when ordering.