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Sensation Ride™ Chinook saddle - Classic model

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The Chinook provides all the wonderful weight distributing features of all our other models, plus a very secure seat, while keeping weight and footprint to a minimum.

Swell options include a "swommel", western swell or tall western swell, each option gives the saddle a certain "feel".  The rigging flap on the Chinook does not offer knee roll support, only keeping the rigging guarded against abrasion.

The Chinook may be made with the dressage cantle, western cantle, tall western cantle or removable cantle!  The default options for the Chinook are swommel and western cantle.

The seat on the Chinook offers a rider a roomy, relatively flat & open cushioned zone, unless the seat is contoured with a twist or pommel bolster.

Trail rings located at the rear and sides of the seats create attachment areas for cantle packs or water bottle holders for convenience on the trail. Breastplate rings are standard for attaching an English or Western breastplate and carry handle.


Length Front to back - 24" / 60cm

Depth top to bottom - 18.5" / 46.25cm

Weight - 7- 9lbs /   3.18kg - 4.09kg


7 rings including 4 front rings, 5 cantle rings 


3 ring removable rigging with 2 billets

1"/ 2.5cm stirrup leathers - one size



No-bite fenders

Chinook fenders