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Saddle Identification

Serial Number / QR code

Need to find out more information about your Sensation Ride™ saddle?
Check the serial number and or QR code (effective January 2019)

You can find the serial number inside your saddle following these steps:

Step 1- Flip your saddle upside down so you are looking at the underside. 
Step 2- Locate the velcro closure along the center seam.
Step 3-Open the velcro closure and push the supportive panels to the side.
Step 4- Once the panels are pushed to the side, the white shaping foam* should be exposed and this is where the serial number is located.

*White shaping foam is non-removable. The panels are removable and replaceable but the white foam is sewn into the saddle. Please do not try to remove the white foam. 

This serial number can be used to identify the saddles' original manufacturing specifications such as seat foam, age of the saddle, leather names, stirrup leather size, etc. It is useful when ordering replacement parts, or when reselling your saddle. We do recommend keeping your invoices so that you always have this information easily accessible to you. 

Saddle Specification Codes 

Starting in 2016 we began a new code system for our saddles so it is easier to find the seat size as well as the pommel, swell and cantle options. This code can be found underneath the seat on your Sensation Ride™ saddle on a white tag.

The saddle specification codes will have a letter closest to the swell that indicates the type of swell. The next part will be a number that corresponds to the seat size. The last letter that is closest to the cantle will indicate the cantle type. 

The code is as follows: