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Saddle Options

Saddle Customizations

Each Sensation Ride™ Treeless Saddle is hand made to your specifications.  This includes customizing your pommel, swell, cantle, rigging and flap to get you that perfect fit!  All options below are available at no additional charge, unless otherwise specified. Also, these options can all be interchanged. 

For example, you could order an English Trail with an English Pommel, Formal Dressage Cantle and English flap if you would like.  Or a Hybrid with swommel, Tall Western Cantle and English flap, etc..

 Each Sensation Ride™ Treeless Saddle is hand made to your specifications. The possibilities to customize the saddle exactly to your liking are endless!  A Sensation Ride™ Specialist will be happy to help you determine which options will make your saddle truly sensational!

Standard options

Each Sensation Ride™ saddle model has preset standard options:

-English/Trail – English pommel, flap and cantle
-Dressage/Trail – Dressage pommel, flap and cantle - I.C.- Narrow English pommel, narrow dressage cantle and dressage flap
-Formal Dressage – Dressage pommel, Formal Dressage flap and dressage cantle
-Hybrid – Western swell and cantle, Dressage Flap
-Sonoran – Tall Western swell and cantle, Formal Dressage flap
-Western Sport – Western swell and cantle
-Harmony Element – No fixed pommel or cantle, Dressage Flap
-Vicino - BQ dressage flap, dressage pommel and cantle + externall firm knee/thigh blocks
-Venturo - BQ dressage flap, western swell and cantle + external firm knee/thigh blocks
-Tundra - No fixed swell or cantle, western rigging flap
-Therapeutic - Western swell
-Artista - Baroque flap, narrow dressage pommel, narrow dressage cantle, firm external knee/thigh block.
-X Trail - Dressage pommel, western cantle, western rigging flap.
-L.V. - BQ flap, large rear jockey, western swell and cantle + rear rigging.
-Enduro youth - Swommel, shortened dressage flap and movable cantle.
Needless to say, we like building saddles with character. Below you will find detailed information for possible customization of swells, pommels, cantles, flaps and rings. If you can’t find the specific information you are looking for, you can either consult our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section or contact us directly and a Sensation Ride™ specialist will be happy to help you!  


The swells are used in the Hybrid, Sonoran, Chinook, Westlish Rebel, L.V. and Western Sport models.  There are three types of swells available: "Western" (leans a bit toward rider) or "Tall Western" (more substantial and forward leaning).  The difference between the swells is somewhat dependent on the shape of the horse. High withered horses will tend to lean the front of the saddle more toward the rider.  The height of the swells is the same, but the angle of tilt towards the rider makes them appear to be different heights.

The "Swommel"


The pommels are used on the English/Trail, Dressage/Trail, I.C, Vicino, X-Trail, and Formal Dressage models.  There are four types of pommels available: English, Dressage, Reduced and Narrow.  Like the swells, the pommels are customizable on all English models at no additional charge.      



Our cantles vary not only in height, but in width as well and are optional on all Sensation Ride™ Treeless Saddles, with the exception of the Harmony Element.  From lowest to tallest we offer: English, Dressage, Hybrid, Western and Tall Western (additional C$40 on non-Tall Western models).  The height variance between the cantles can be as slight 1/4″ – which makes a noticeable difference in terms of how the saddle feels. 


There are 5 flap styles available to choose from.  We offer the English flap, the Dressage flap, and the Formal Dressage Flap, the BQ flap and the L.V. flap.
 The English flap is similar to an all purpose flap, in that it is cut slightly more forward.  This flap will accommodate riders who prefer riding with shorter stirrups, or who have a longer thigh.  
 The Dressage  flap is not cut as forward as the English  flap and is 0.5″ longer.  
 The Formal Dressage Flap is designed for a rider who prefers to ride with a longer, dressage leg. 
 The BQ flap is a more squared off dressage shape, commonly seen in baroque styled saddles.

Additional Rings

You can have additional rings added to your Sensation Ride™ saddle for C$20/ring.  The most common placements are shown in the photo below.  If you would like an additional ring in a position other than A, B, C or D please let us or your dealer know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Seat cushioning 

Each Sensation Ride™ saddle is custom made to your specifications – right down to the foam you sit on!  Read on below to learn more about the various foams offered in the seat of each Sensation Ride™ saddle. Poron (additional C$22) – This foam offers excellent resiliency, as well as high performance shock absorption.  It is a slow recovery foam, and like all slow recovery foams, will be affected by temperature changes.  It will become soft in warmer temperatures, and will harden in cold temperatures until it warms up.  Poron is great for riders from 140-180lbs, and can be used whenever a high performance cushioning is desired.  "Grey" – This foam has a very open cell structure with a springy touch.  Grey foam is great for lighter riders, and also for those who live in a humid/coastal climate as it does not retain moisture.  This foam is not temperature sensitive and has a life of approximately 4 years. Medium/Firm Blue Foam – This foam is ideal for riders 120-170lbs.  It is a slow recovery (memory) foam, and is affected by warmer and cooler temperatures.  It will absorb and retain moisture Firm Blue Foam – This foam is great for riders who are over 150lbs.  It is a slow recovery (memory) foam, and is affected by warmer and cooler temperatures.  It will absorb and retain moisture Some seat considerations:
Western seats come standard with a more detailed stitch pattern, which will tend to make a foam feel more firm due to the tensioning of the leather from the stitching.  Hybrid stitch patterning choice on the seat can reduce this feeling.
Seat leathers that have less stretch (such as suede) will tend to make a seat feel firmer than a seat with stretchier leather.
In summary - cushioning choice can really enhance the comfort of your saddle!