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Replacement parts

Our Saddles are designed to have easily replaced parts! 

All saddles need maintenance, and with the Sensation RideTM saddles, we make it easy for you to replace parts if they are worn, or you just want a change!


There are two types of panels, internal and external. These protect your horse's back and ensure spine clearance.

Internal panels fit inside your saddle through an entrance opening in the bottom of your saddle. They "free float" inside this pocket: shifting with your horse's shape and movement. These panels have a life expectancy of 4 to 5 years, depending on how much you ride. 

External panels are made to measure for new saddles. We can make new external panels for your saddle with a tracing of the existing external panels. Some Sensation saddles cannot accept after market external panels. 



Seats rarely wear out, however, some riders wish to change seats for colour, cushioning or coverage. Any of our saddles which have a swell or swommel will mate with the following seats: Hybrid, Western or Chinook. Our models with English pommels mate with the original, Formal or I.C.. seats. 

In order to accurately recreate a replacement seat, the original seat or an accurate tracing should be sent to us for a pattern. 

SEAT SALE - Please find this link to our Excel file with our in-stock closeout seats. Contact us at sensationride@shaw.ca to reserve your choice!


There are 4 possible types of billets on the Sensation Ride saddles. 1) Removable leather, Removable synthetic and sewn-in leather or leather/synthetic combo.

Stirrup leathers

Our MPA (multi-point attachment) stirrup leathers are a bit different from traditional leathers in that they are designed to have 2 attachment points. The top of the stirrup leather is affixed to the stirrup base, or in some cases, is integrated into the stirrup base. The lower end of the stirrup leathers are designed to be attached to the lower ISA (Internal stirrup attachment) which may be a ring, a buckle or a billet. This option depends on how the saddle was made. 3 ring removable rigging may receive a removable billet, buckle or have the standard MPA stirrup leather attach directly to the ring. 

Standard MPA stirrup leathers have 12+ holes at the one end and a loop of nylon webbing at the other end. The loop attaches to each side of your stirrup base, while the holes are used to adjust length with a buckle of conway at the bottom of the flap. 

Multi-purpose MPA stirrup leathers have a loop of nylon at the top end and a buckle at the other end. The buckle receives at billet at the bottom of the saddle's flaps. 

Knee blocks

Sensation Ride English styled saddles have removable knee blocks which may be replaced if needed. There are 3 sizes. 


Stirrup keepers

Stirrup tubes