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Rider considerations

Is there a weight limit for Sensation Ride saddles.

Your stirrup leathers attach differently - do I need to use them in this way?

I have a short inseam (<29" or 73.6cm) - what do I need to consider?

I am a beginner rider - will your saddles be secure enough for me?

Ordering / Pricing

How do I obtain an estimate for a saddle with all my options?

At what stage do I need to make any payments?

How can I reduce the cost of my saddle purchase?

What is the best process to place an order?

What is the least efficient way to obtain information or place an order?


What unique features does the Sensation Ride saddle offer

I see rear cinch rigging on some of your English saddles, why is this?

How much load will the accessory rings bear?

Horse Reference

Can Sensation Ride saddles work on a horse with asymmetry?

I have been unable to find a suitably fitting saddle for my high withered horse, can a Sensation Ride saddle work?


What kind of warranty do Sensation Ride™ saddles carry?

What is the return policy on my new saddle?